Our Mission

We are dedicated to materializing our state of the art hybrid two-stroke engine technology. Our patent and copy written applications will revolutionize the internal combustion two stroke engine. This new engine design will operate on multiple fuels, performance levels, and will reduce pollution compared to other four stroke automobile engines. Manufacturers are currently evaluating this breakthrough technology for long term feasibility. We welcome individuals who will help to enable our goal.

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Latest Press Release:

Grail Engine Technologies will be at the 2013 Engine Expo.
Posted by: admin on 10/08/13 at 4:02pm

Grail Engine Technologies will be exhibiting at the Engine Expo 2013, in Novi, Michigan - October 21, 22, 23.  Come visit us at Booth # EH407

Grail Engine Technologies releases preliminary CFD simulation images
Posted by: admin on 01/09/13 at 3:36pm

Utilizing Autodesk Simulation CFD software, Grail engineers were able to simulate the “swirl” airflow of intake and exhaust cycle of the Grail Engine design.   “Swirl” compression of air flow ensures complete homogeneous air/fuel mixture for higher combustion efficiency.

Machine Design featured Grail Engine in a recent article.
Posted by: admin on 09/13/12 at 7:44am

The Grail engine looks much like a traditional two-stroke engine, but incorporates some weight-saving refinements that make it less expensive to manufacture. And its inventors at Grail Engine Technologies, Chapman, Kans., have only been working on it for about two years.

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Awards and Recognition

grail engine on display at automotive testing expo

It was an honor and pleasure speaking with our extremely intelligent colleagues. This was an excellent and appropriate venue to release the knowledge of the "Grail Cycle."  The staff of Grail Engine, greatly appreciates the opportunity that SAE provides to the automotive engineering industry. It was a pleasure working with the SAE staff and applaud the recognition of being voted the best of the best booth award by the conference participants.

grail engine on display at automotive testing expo